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Douglas Booth, who played Nikki Sixx in The Dirt, was interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter and had this to say about Girls Girls Girls:

"After a couple great local opening acts, these Girls walked out onto the stage truly owning it. The energy from that walk out alone felt like they were ready to perform for a stadium of 60,000 people. Having the ability to cover a full night of Mötley Crüe songs is a task on its own, but backup dancers? A crazy light show with fog in the air in the room? Custom handmade outfits? Yes, everything right down to the hair and makeup to polish off the performance...You would have to see it to believe it. These Girls were smashing out the hits from the world renown band and every person there was loving it. Four powerful females, dressed the part, playing the part, and absolutely nailing everything that is coming out of every instrument and every microphone. From the very start, they had your attention...I wasn’t expecting anything compared to what I was seeing. Not for any other reason then the amount of attention to detail that is put into this show. From the famous guitar playing and tones of Mick Mars, to that stick spinning drumming of Tommy Lee, there wasn’t an element I seen missing from this show." - Junior Walker, Soundcheck Entertainment, February 2020


"The guitarist, Mistress Mars (aka Denise Mercedes), drips in gold and studded necklaces like chains on her motorcycle pants. Mercedes played with The Stimulators at Max's and CBGB's and has been rocking since 1978, a moment many Crüe fans were born. She mesmerized me in the way only a skilled master can. These musicians have decades of rocking and performing under their collective belts. The womanizing men are relegated to relic status as Girls Girls Girls come together to "pay tribute" to a rebellious spirit through the most male-chauvinistic band in hair metal history. Maybe that's the ultimate rebellion, rendering misogyny toothless and transformed into girl power. I walked away awed by Girls Girls Girls' commitment and ability to put on a powerful show, but couldn't escape the nagging reality that those songs belittle women and humanity. Through Rampleman's eye, I find a deeper appreciation for what Girls Girls Girls achieve: transforming those demeaning songs into a wearable style, put on to access a boundless spirit and a love of reclaiming a moment. The re-appropriated use of language is the power and magic of it."  Vanessa Albury - Huffington Post


"Despite the nasty weather and Manhattan post-storm slush, the Bowery was packed for Girls Girls Girls’ headlining show, boasting the entire Too Fast For Love album played straight through, with another full set of Crue songs added for good measure.Girls Girls Girls took the night to the next level with the all-out perfection and professional that the real Motley Crue has set as the standard of their modern day shows... The entire Girls Girls Girls band plays incredibly tight, and bashed their way through Too Fast For Love almost too fast, visiting favorites like Merry-Go-Round and Starry Eyes that fans haven’t heard the real band play for years. Guitarist Mercedes Mars sizzled on all of Mick’s best guitar lines, and even styled her hair to look just like his… Saturday night’s show might stand as the hardest rocking show of the year for the foreseeable future, and it’s a title well-earned.”   Elliot Levin - The Examiner

"The fret work provided by Mercedes was spot on and lacked none of the magic of the original when she ripped through solo after solo on these classic tracks...  The best part about this group of rockers is the ability and musicianship and their love for the songs of Mötley Crüe.  They could easily rest on the laurels of being a sexy cover band, but they know the songs, love the songs, and honor the legacy of the originals through their playing and stage presence.  If you love the original Mötley Crüe, do yourself a favor and check out Girls Girls Girls for an exciting show that is as close to the originals as you can get.  If you just like great rock and roll played with conviction and balls, check these guys out – they aim to please from the minute they hit the stage." - Todd ‘ToddStar’ Jolicoeur - 100 Percent


Fittingly starting their tribute-tastic career in a Jersey strip club in 2007, Girls, Girls, Girls can hang with their testosterone-filled counterparts. They will wear those uncomfortable leather pants and chains with ease while pounding out the hits from the Crue’s heyday and beyond.”   PW Staff -


"Maybe we should start making posters for Motley Crue that refer to them as the world’s first and best all male tribute to Girls, Girls, Girls!"   Club Owner - Breakaway II Facebook Page

"The premiere, '80s, all-female hard rock cover band event of the decade." (On the Girls Girls Girls 1/4/13 Bowery Ballroom show.)   Andrew Zimmer -


"O.k., what's better than Jack Daniels shot specials and an evening of Motley Crue music played by four smoking hot chicks. The answer is absolutely NOTHING, and that's why you should make the trip out to Rock N' Roll Heaven in Depew, NY (close to Buffalo) this Friday to see one of the most talked about cover bands- Girls, Girls, Girls."   Thomas Orwat -


"Sounds like a novelty act? Certainly, but it's a novelty act that will melt your face off."   David Blend - Thrillist


“The self-proclaimed “hottest Motley Crue band you’ll ever see” played with raw tenacity and finished their set with “Kickstart My Heart.”...Their sassy take on one of the most notorious bands of the 80’s glam rock scene turned both male and female heads.”   Jessica Botelho - Limelight Magazine


NYC-based Girls Girls Girls – the world’s first and arguably greatest all-girl tribute to Motley Crue – is in a league of their own.....Something that makes Girls Girls Girls an amazing show is that it’s far from simply a novelty act; these girls are not working hard to mimic the Crue. Rather, they are great musicians and performers, spectacularly performing beloved songs, with their own take on each."   Ilya Mirmin - New England Music News


Cover of 2014 Village Voice Fall Preview issue with caption "Motley Who?"  Full article by Gili Malinsky

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